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¡¡NECESITA TRADUCCIÓN!! Son la especialización de tu personaje, para darle un estilo y poder realizar mejor determinadas tareas. ¿Lleva en secreto o exhibe su agresividad? ¿Puede curar? ¿Está preparado para meterse en los campos de anomalías y buscar artefactos?

In the new world, the camps survive on account of the variety of roles among the survivors - assault troopers, scouts, rescuers, artifact hunters, doctors and so on.

The more developed a character, the more upscale equipment he has, the more roles are available to him and the better he can survive an encounter. Features of roles

Roles have their features, which must conform to the best realization in the chosen direction. For example, a sniper needs a sniper rifle and marksmanship skills. The better his weapon and shooting skills are the more effective he is as a sniper.

Role doesn't limit, it shows relevant specialization. Select the role

As the hero develops the new, previously inaccessible roles open up. Choose the roles best fitting for your style of play. The role chosen defines your most effective actions in-game.

If necessary, the roles can be changed and mixed in any combination.


A mobile light combatant specialized on scouting. Brisk and stealthy movements help him remain invisible to the enemy. The obtained intelligence data work to the benefit of the entire team.

You are a scout, provided: You avoid direct confrontation. You reconnoiter the enemy’s territory and maneuvers. You stealthily eliminate the enemy support forces. You attack the enemy from the rear. You will need:

Gun with a silencer, light armor and quiet footwear.


A mobile sniper. Feels confident in any gunfight. Opposes humans and mutants equally well. Owing to his mobility, firearms training and faithful sniper rifle he can kill the enemy at long range.

You are a marksman, provided: You occupy a strategic position for sniper fire. You wait for the perfect moment to take the shot. When spotted, you quickly change your position. You cover allies with accurate fire. You will need:

Sniper rifle and light armor.

Artifact hunter

The artifact seeker traveling among anomalies, poisoned territories and places of ecological catastrophes. Possesses the necessary knowledge and equipment for searching artifacts and survival in anomalies.

You are an artifact hunter, provided: You know anomalies inside out. You collect artifacts to use their abilities in battle. You are not afraid of the polluted territories. You hide in the anomalies and lure enemies inside. You will need:

Protective suit, artifact container, anomaly detector.

It's not easy to comply with this role as it's intended for experienced heroes. In skillful hands, it provides unique tactical possibilities which are only available with the use of artifacts.


Light mobile fighter. He specializes in disabling opponents with the help of his steady traps. He also has the skills to disarm opponents' traps.

You are a trapper, provided: You set traps and snares to mutilate your victims. You find and disarm enemy traps. You work at the rear, finishing off wounded enemies. You will need

Close-range weapons and powerful traps.


A mobile fighter. His main goals are lightning fast maneuvers, capture of strategic locations, attacks from the rear and scouting.

You are a punisher, provided: You are in the forefront of the offensive. You feel like you’re at home behind the enemy lines. You suddenly attack from the rear during the assault. You reach and kill disoriented enemies. You will need:

Weapons for close range and sturdy assault armour.


Fearless armoured fighter. The heavy armor makes goon survive where less protected soldiers drop off like flies. He's good in both assault operations and the defense of his territory.

You are a goon, provided: You are the first to assault the enemy fortifications. In defense, you are a stone wall to your teammates. You don't stop under the enemy fire. You will need:

Heavy armour and a strong helmet to protect your head.

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